4 steps to improve your Google ranking

Are you trying to improve Google ranking?

Most people trying to improve their Google ranking focus all their energy on their website’s design and keywords. Keyword research is important. But there are so many ranking factors you must consider.

Here is how to improve your website’s Google ranking.

  • Create Useful, Original and Relevant Content

Google users are looking for useful and original content. Google knows this. So, it ranks useful, original, and relevant content. In fact, useful and relevant content increases your dwell time.

Spend most of your time writing long-form content. Content that has more than 2000 words rank the highest in Google.

  • Increase Your Page Load Speed

Google take the website’s page load speed into account. People leave a website that takes a long time to load. This may hurt your dwell time because it increases bounce rate. And it reduces the number of pages viewed. If this happens, it can hurt your Google ranking.

So, increase your page load speed if you want to improve your site’s Google ranking.

  • Outbound Links

Google considers content that links to other authority sites useful and relevant. Why? Because it is providing more useful content to their users.

Do not just link to any site. Look for well-respected authority sites. Link out to these sites because it increases your dwell time. And it sends trust signals to Google.

  • Use Different multimedia

Multimedia improves user experience. They are great for delivering information in a way that is suitable to your potential customers. So, use slideshows, videos, audio, and images on your site.

Content that has different multimedia rank highly in Google. In fact, videos drive user engagement and conversion that improves ranking. It is found that videos get more shares compared to websites that do not use videos.

These are some good ways for improving Google ranking what you can do by your own. Use these strategies, especially if you have been trying to rank your website for a long time.