If specialization, down-to-earth work at the highest level, reliable results and personal support are important to you, then you are in the right place at the SEO agency Jochen Dullenkopf in Nova Scotia, Canada

Since 2016 we have been working 8 to 14 hours a day on search engine optimization. As an SEO agency we support our clients with an all-round service, in addition we manage our own web projects. The daily work and constant further training in our SEO Mastermind Groups guarantee you maximum topicality and success.

Search engine optimization is not only a job for us, but our passion!

Jochen Dullenkopf, Managing Director of Jochen Dullenkopf SEO

7 Steps to Your Success

Our Seven-Stage SEO Process is constantly optimized and refined, so you benefit from the latest optimization measures.

SEO with Passion

All employees of Jochen Dullenkopf SEO operate search engine optimization with great passion. The results are outstanding.

100% Transparency

We'll keep you posted. Daily or weekly reports keep you informed of how your project is developing.

SEO Agency for Nova Scotia and Halifax

Outstanding SEO agency in Nova Scotia, Canada

Jochen Dullenkopf has learned from the best in the industry how search engine optimization is done professionally, reliably and effectively. These 5 mentors still accompany him today in weekly meetings of the SEO Mastermind Groups. Thus, Upper Swabian quality workmanship with top current knowledge becomes your success turbo.

What does SEO actually do for you?

  1. First of all: SEO = more revenue through more customers.
  2. For each search query, Google decides anew in fractions of a second which result is the best for the searcher.
  3. The statistics show that the first place in Google gets 53% of all searchers as traffic to his page. The second placed website still receives 22%, the third placed only 8% of all searches.
  4. The first positions in Google are worth cash. Best of all, these Google positions won't cost you a cent! In contrast to the paid ads on Google Adwords. There you pay for every click.
  5. The goal of every SEO measure is to make you more findable in Google's natural, free search results.
  6. Like this you get visitors to your website without paying a cent for it.

The task of an SEO is to make your website so important for Google that Google selects you for certain keywords as the best possible result and displays you accordingly in the 1st place. This requires expert knowledge that is updated on a daily basis. We train hard every day to give you the best possible SEO results. Mediocrity is a nightmare to us!

get higher Traffic with SEo shows this picture on a graph
SEO with systemgets you success

Systematic Search Engine Optimization

Through many years of expertise and continuous training, we have developed a seven-stage system for search engine optimization. This can be optimally adapted to your company and your industry. We implement your individual wishes. You would like to be found for very special search terms?

We are happy to realize this for you!

At the beginning of your project we determine which keywords are important for you by means of an SEO analysis.

With this data it is easier to see how many visitors are looking for your services and how you are positioned for them.

It plays a decisive role whether you want to be found locally, nationally or internationally. All this information has to be queried and compared. You will receive an individual SEO package tailored to your needs.

We have no off-the-shelf products that fit everyone... This is reflected in the success of our clients.

What Other Entrepreneurs Say

Jochen is a trusted SEO. His business acumen and expertise in online traffic are at the leading edge. He has a proven skill set and does high-quality work for his clients. Fill out his discovery form to get started with him today, and if he gets the same results for you like the rest of his clients, you will be very impressed.

SEo recommendation for Jochen Dullenkopf

If you are looking to drive traffic to your business, then you're in good hands with Jochen. His in-depth understanding of Google and its algorithm is what sets him apart from other SEO consultants I have worked with. I would highly recommend working with Jochen´s SEO company.

Jochen is an absolute professional when it comes to SEO. He uses solid techniques that will skyrocket your Google ranking. His commitment to his customers and their needs is first class. If you are looking for someone to get you to the first page of Google, then you need to contact Dullenkopf SEO.
Jochen Dullenkopf
Hiring a Digital Marketer for your online Marketing campaign can be like shooting in the dark. Many marketers today are using techniques that worked great 5 years ago but will get you buried beneath your competition today. Jochen keeps up on all the latest search engine optimization info and implements them into his client's campaigns helping them to stay ahead of everyone in their field. Don't shoot in the dark. Hire Dullenkopf SEO & Online Marketing!

SEo Review of Jochen Dullenkopf SEO Agency
SEO as a problem solver, a chain out of people, as a sign for more traffic through links

Which SEO Service do YOU need?

The Solution to Your Problems

The customer is our first and foremost priority.

Our core competence lies in the optimization of corporate websites, online shops, online magazines (blogs) and sales pages. This is where our concentrated expertise, our motivated team and tried and tested processes come into play.

We combine first-class OnPage optimization, technical search engine optimization and high-class OffPage optimization. In other words, we optimize your website for Google and your customers, create high-quality backlinks and drive your sales up through conversion optimization.

Through your individually tailored SEO concept, you achieve a sustainable visibility on Google, which clearly stands out from your competitors.


Specialized SEO Knowledge will give you success, picture shows a light bulb within a head
SEO for ecommerce

Search Engine Optimization for e-Commerce (Online Shops)

The challenges for online shops are constantly increasing. Where a lot of money can be earned, competitors also romp about. Successful e-commerce SEO requires far-sighted planning, constant support and elegant strategies to stay one step ahead of the competition.

We are specialized in search engine optimization for shops. Whether you have a small, medium or large shop. We know your typical problems and also work very successfully in unpopular niches.

SEO Analysis / SEO Check - For the Small Budget (Self-Optimization)

Experience shows that small and medium-sized companies often only have a small budget for SEO measures. For this reason, we have decided to provide our in-depth SEO analysis with a catalogue of self-optimization measures.

In addition to the regular optimization measures, this SEO check also gives you further tips and instructions on how to be well positioned in the future.

SEO for small budget, Picture shows a money box as a pig
Keywordanalysis, the fundament of each SEO campaign

Keyword Analysis (What Are Your Customers Searching for?)

A successful project depends on the selection of the right keywords. What do your potential customers enter into Google to find your product/service? Which keywords do you actually get you paying customers (money keywords)? Which search terms are most frequently used in your industry?

This process is so important that we use 4 different SEO tools to give you the best ROI (Retun on Investment) from your campaign.

Address Your Target Group (Where do Your Target Customers Hang Around?)

Here we talk about content marketing. This strategy helps your company to be found in the right context. In this way, natural links are created on your page, readers become aware of and curious about you and perceive your company as trustworthy. As an expert, you will be the focus of your target group.

We use a mix of publications in magazines, blogs, journals and newspapers tailored to your industry.

We promise you that these are not idiotic SEO texts that no one wants to read. We produce professional and appealing content that is read with pleasure.

know your customers fpor SEO in Halifax

Take the First Step to Become More Visible in Search Engines!

To the SEO Inquiry
Jochen Dullenkopf SEO Halifax Nova Scotia

What Makes a Serious SEO Agency? (How to Find the Right SEO Expert)

Unfortunately, there are still black sheep, babblers and rip-offs in online marketing (which also includes SEO). Some of our clients have already been acquainted with such bad agencies. Their strategy is always the same: promise a lot, collect money fast, deliver nothing.

To avoid this, we'll give you some advice and tips below to help you find a good SEO agency.

Jochen Dullenkopf,
Your expert in SEO


Our experience shows that everyone likes to pretend to be an SEO expert. These can be service providers such as advertising agencies, web designers or online marketing agencies.

Rest assured, SEO is such a complex business today that someone who offers dozens of other things can't keep up to date! A tennis pro also doesn't play 2 hours of golf, 3 hours of volleyball and runs an online shop for bathing products. A tennis pro trains his sport hard every day. Exactly as we keep it with search engine optimization. We play this game every day between 8 to 14 hours.

Google changes the algorithms daily and weekly. You can only tell if you're a professional in the field.

Important tip: Hire an SEO agency that only conducts SEO!

SEO is like chess, picture shows a horse from chess
get References from an SEO agency


If you would like a new job, submit certificates that show that you have mastered the subject matter.

For SEO there is no training and no certificates. Let us prove to you our comprehensible successes. If possible, even with the telephone number of the entrepreneur.

Our recommendation: Pay close attention to verifiable SEO successes and testimonials!

Your Personal Offer (or Mush?)

Different niches and industries require individual approaches and strategies in order to achieve a resounding success.

Does the SEO agency make you a personal offer, tailor-made for you?

Yes, that also requires some cooperation and time from you! You should reserve this time, after all it's only about your success and getting your investment back manifold!

Handshake, we are working with handshake quality, no contracts needed, pipc shows a handshake

This is what the SEO Agency Dullenkopf stands for:

mobile SEO important in Nova Scotia and Halifax

Current SEO Knowledge

As a member of 3 different mastermind groups, weekly online SEO meetings with the world's best SEO experts and daily practice in search engine optimization, we have knowledge many SEO agencies can't even dream of. Only very few have access to up-to-date knowledge from over 11,000 different websites. At this point I would like to thank my mentors and our Mastermind group OMG (and QualitySiteBase).


All our steps are transparent and comprehensible. We rely on down-to-earth, Upper Swabian workmanship with regular progress reports on your project! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

Thumbs up for transparency in SEO
We take a detailed snaphot of your competition - is this picture about

Analysis of Your Competitors

We take a close look at your competitors. In order to overtake your competitors, we need to know exactly where they stand and what steps are necessary.


Some measures bring quick results, but do not last long. We are committed to sustainable results, so that you can be found in the best possible way on Google in the future!

binoculars stands for foresight in SEO projects
SEO Symbol on a webpage

Specialization in SEO

Each project is different and is evaluated individually. In order to achieve the best possible result for you, we do not offer any flat ratesContact Jochen Dullenkopf for your individual offer.  Offers and customer care are firmly in the hands of the managing director.

Individual offer

Our agency specializes in SEO to ensure you the best success. This also includes the creation of business entries, creation and optimization of Google my business, promotion of positive reviews on Google (we make it easy for your customers to evaluate you positively), OnPage optimization, OffPage optimization and within the framework of SEO usefulness also social media, SEO for video marketing...

What is suitable for YOU?

letter and a pencil, stands for individual offer in SEO projects
SEO on a monitior with a diagram

Regular Reports

Always be up to date about your project. Regular progress reports are a matter for us. You decide whether you want a daily, weekly or monthly report.

SEO for Every Budget

We understand that not every company can invest a monthly investment of 1000 Euro in its company. There is a suitable SEO solution for every budget. From self-optimization according to instructions, to an SEO basic package, to the all-round carefree, ultimate SEO package for unerring and sustainable results.

switching Dollar into CAD - pic stands for SEo for every budget

Symbol einer Analyse mit Pfeil, steht hier für regelmäßige (tägliche oder wöchentliche) SEO Berichte

Where We Work for You

Originally, our structures were designed to help local businesses get found easier on Google. Thus we are present for search terms such as

and of course the local communities in these counties.

In recent years, the number of requests for national SEO projects in Germany and the DACH region has increased significantly.

After we had completed these projects very successfully, the first inquiries came from abroad.

We are now active internationally.

Our SEO Projects in

  • Canada
  • England
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Romania
  • Lebanon

are just as much a part of the daily routine today as our local companies in Biberach and the surrounding area.

Further SEO References

„Getting your business listed in google means nothing unless you are on the first page. Jochen has proven himself over and over that he has the ability to do this. He always delivers what he promises on time and with a smile. Highly recommend Dullenkopf SEO.“

SEO recommendation for Halifax

If you are looking to get results from your online marketing you need to get the right people working on your SEO. Jochen is one of a hand full of people who are truly capable of delivering results. He is the real deal and he can deliver real results. Period. If you finally want to see results from your online marketing, Dullenkopf SEO & Online Marketing is the company to work with.

SEO recommendation for Halifax

Highly recommend Jochen and his SEO firm for any search marketing needs you have. His level of knowledge in this extremely complex field is exceptional and he certainly delivers. We have been working on various projects and he always adds value well above what is expected. If you want an expert helping you I would highly recommend Dullenkopf SEO & Online Marketing!

SEO recommendation for Halifax